Overview of Services

Heateon provides a wide range of R&D, techno-economic consulting and educational services in sustainable energy for individuals, private companies, national laboratories and government agencies. Our core business is geothermal energy with services ranging from exploration and reservoir modeling to permitting and power plant design. Heateon also provides services in R&D for concentrating solar power, with a focus on developing hydrogen mitigation technology. Heateon further conducts resource assessments, feasibility studies, and system design for solar PV, wind energy, HVAC, and energy storage projects. Depending on customer needs as well as project scope and size, project duration ranges from several days to multiple months, and activities take place remotely, on-site, or a combination of both. More information on various services are listed below.

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Heateon assesses the regulatory aspects and permitting requirements for geothermal activities including exploration, well drilling (TGH, slim-hole and full-size), well tests, and power plant design, construction, decomissioning, etc.

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Heateon conducts Thermal-Hydrological-Mechanical-Chemical (THMC) subsurface reservoir simulations (matrix- and fracture-dominated) using tools like TOUGH2-CSM, CMG-Stars, and in-house codes for modeling production temperatures, subsidence, etc.

Heateon develops tracer programs, conducts and interpretes tracer experiments, and simulates tracer responses using subsurface tools to characterize reservoir properties and map subsurface pathways.

Heateon assesses the technical requirements and economic potential for mineral extraction from geothermal brines.

With software such as Aspen Plus, IPSEPro and MATLAB, Heateon simulates (geothermal) power plants (steam-based, binary cycle) to assess power output, off-design performance, hybridization and dispatchibility options, and cooling requirements.

Heateon develops and applies the software GEOPHIRES to assess the technical performance and economic competitiveness of (hybrid) geothermal plants for electricity generation, direct-use heat production, and combined heat and power.

Heateon analyzes heating and cooling loads and simulates, designs and optimizes HVAC equipment for residential and commerical sector, including chillers, air-source and ground-source heat pumps.

Heateon can assist with and/or develop and conduct a wide range of energy-related lab-scale experiments in the fields of thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer, reaction engineering, etc.

Heateon conducts research on the development of a mitigation system to remove hydrogen generated by heat transfer fluid degradation in parabolic trough solar thermal power plants.

Using software including PVWatts and SAM, Heateon conducts resource assessments and techno-economic analyses of solar thermal and solar PV installations for small residential to large industrial customers.

Using the simulator SAM and in-house code, Heateon conducts resource and techno-economic assessments of wind energy projects ranging from small single-turbine systems to large onshore and offshore wind farms.

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Through workshops, guest lectures, conference presentations, and publications in magazines and academic journals, Heateon shares research findings, and conducts outreach and education for the larger community on a broad range of energy topics.

THMC Subsurface Modeling

Power Plant Modeling

Geothermal Techno-Economics

Permitting & Regulations

Tracer Analysis

Brine Mineral Extraction

Lab-Scale Experiments

HVAC Design and Modeling

Teaching, Education & Outreach

Wind Energy Resource Assesment & Techno - Economics

Solar CSP Hydrogen Mitigation

Solar Thermal and PV Resource Assessment & Techno - Economics

Energy Storage

District Heating Loops Modeling

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Heateon models district heating systems for small neighborhoods to large city-wide networks to assess cost-competitiveness, heat distribution and losses, and overall technical performance.

Heateon designs and assesses the technical performance and cost-competitiveness of energy storage systems (both for electrical and thermal energy) for small kW-scale to large multi-MW-scale applications.

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