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Heateon constitutes both a group of core members and a network of interim partners, together representing specialized expertise in renewable energy and possessing a wide range of skills in engineering, sciences, project managment, economics, etc. Depending on the project type and scope and customer needs, Heateon assembles a flexible team to deliver a high-quality product in a timely manner. Core Heateon team members are listed below.

In a nutshell

Our team

Heateon is a renewable energy firm with a mission to advance our understanding and accelerate development of sustainable energy resources. Heateon's core activities are (1) research & development, (2) techno-economic consulting, and (3) education & outreach in renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy storage. Heateon is headquartered in Belgium but leads and particpates in projects around the world. Clients include government agencies, national laboratories, private companies and individuals. With "eon" defined informally as 1 billion years, "Heateon" means "heat forever" and refers to geothermal and solar thermal energy, two of Heateon's focus areas.


Koenraad Beckers, PhD

  • Background: Mechanical and Chemical Engineer
  • Energy Fields: Geothermal Energy, Concentrating Solar Power, Energy Storage

Arna Palsdottir, PhD

  • Background: Chemical Engineer
  • Energy Fields: Geothermal Energy, Wind Energy

Adam Hawkins, PhD

  • Background: Geologist
  • Energy Fields: Geothermal Energy



Wouter Dekeyser, PhD

  • Background: Mechanical Engineer
  • Energy Fields: Solar PV, Energy Storage